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Couples with mediator

What Happens After Mediation?

Divorce is never easy, but mediation offers an alternative to the often stressful and expensive route of litigation. As someone who has been guiding couples through the mediation process

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What Do We Do After an Impasse in Mediation

In the sensitive territory of divorce, reaching an impasse during mediation can feel like hitting a brick wall. It's a period fraught with frustration and disappointment for all parties involved.

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Young couple and their daughter visiting divorce lawyer in office

How to Make Divorce Easier for Children

Divorce is known for being a tumultuous period — not just for the couples involved, but for the divorcee's children as well. As a family mediator at Next Page Mediation, I've witnessed first-hand how the upheaval of a family structure can deeply affect children.

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Husband refusing to listen to his wife during mediation process

What Happens if There’s No Resolution in Mediation

When anyone enters the mediation process, they typically do so intending to find a mutual resolution to their dispute. However, the reality is that despite the best efforts of everyone involved, there are instances where a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached through mediation.

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Is Mediation Binding?

Understanding the legal standing of various conflict resolution methods is critical for any couple considering their divorce options. A common question I encounter in my practice is, "Is mediation legally binding?"

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What Is the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration?

As a divorce mediator, I believe all divorcing couples should understand the key differences between mediation and arbitration. But first, what they have in common: both mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution methods you might consider during your divorce: mediation and arbitration.

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An Affordable Divorce through Mediation

I was very happy to see the recent NYT’s article – “Can Divorce be Affordable? Yes, but Only if Spouses Want It to Be.”

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Co-parenting: Combative to Collaborative

Successful co-parenting relationships are possible when managed thoughtfully and intentionally by two parents acting in the best interest of their children.

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What You Should Know about Spousal Support / Alimony in Ohio

The topic of spousal support – otherwise known as “alimony”—often comes up for couples mediating their divorce in Ohio.

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What Should You Not Say In Ohio Divorce Mediation?

A marriage on the brink of ending is often a storm brewing on the horizon. The spouses and their children face stressful days ahead of them.

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