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Benefits of Mediation

Control Your Destiny

Why put your future in the hands of a court and judge? Jim Robenalt will guide you through creating a roadmap that is right for your family. Read more.

Keep Costs Down 

A typical divorce in the US can cost each person approximately $15,000. Our standard mediation will cost a fraction of that amount, which leaves more money for your financial future. Read more.

Protect Your Children 

There is science that mediated divorces are beneficial to both the participants, and to their children. With mediation, your kids will not be exposed to the harsh fall-out of a litigated divorce. Read more.

Maintain Better Relationships 

Whereas litigation strains and frays family relationships, mediation does just the opposite - it cultivates mutual respect and a capacity to work together. Parents can amicably transition from a married couple to cooperative co-parents. 

Negotiate From the Comfort of Your Home 

When mediating via zoom, you can be in the environment that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. Read more.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing 

Taking care of your mental health matters. Cut down on emotional stress and save money that you could otherwise spend in costly litigation. Read more.

Greater Satisfaction 

A mediated agreement is a more sustainable agreement. When a couple mediates their divorce, they have direct input into the agreement that is crafted. As a result, they are much more likely to uphold the agreement they entered into; and much less likely to later raise challenges in court. 

Preserve Privacy

Unlike divorce litigation, where contested matters are entered in to the public record, mediation is confidential and private. Divorce is ultimately a personal family matter that should be shielded from public view. Read more.