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James Robenalt and his son.

Jim Robenalt

Mediator and Attorney

“A divorce through the courts can be a devastating option for couples already going through a tough time. You understand the particulars of your life, your finances, and your children, and you should feel empowered to define the future you want in an affordable, private, and constructive manner.”

Jim is an accomplished attorney with nearly 20 years of legal experience. He is offering this mediation service with the goal of saving families from the harmful impact of protracted litigation. 
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Next Page Mediation Process

A guided negotiation where you and your spouse work through the terms of your divorce. 


A Free 30-minute
Initial Consultation

Begin with a stress-free meeting with me to discuss your situation and what you can expect from mediation. This can be either a phone call or a video call over Zoom and can be handled individually or together.


Private and Convenient Mediation Sessions

In a series of guided sessions, I will help you create a plan that covers everything you need for your divorce. These sessions can be conducted virtually and will cover all financial matters. If you have children, we will also cover all topics relating to them.


A Pathway Toward Uncontested Divorce

The nature of the mediation process allows me to understand a family’s needs in order to customize workable solutions for their future. At the conclusion of the process, a couple will have the necessary information to file for an uncontested dissolution.

The Better Way to Divorce

Mediation is the most affordable and peaceful avenue for concluding your marriage. It's a guided negotiation where you and your spouse meet with me, a neutral third-party lawyer and divorce mediator. Together, we will work through the terms of your divorce and find a resolution that fully suits your family's specific needs.

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See what former clients are saying about working with Jim. All quotes are kept anonymous to protect clients’ privacy.

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Letter from a Client

Image of a letter from client

Letter from a Client


I’m sure it’s a cliché you hear often – I wish I never had to work with you, but I’m glad that I did.

How you handled your work has been pivotal in turning something I never wanted or imagined, into a healthy and healing phase. You’ve certainly helped the well-being of myself & my daughter. Thank you for representing yourself so genuinely – you held up on everything you promised.

I appreciate your work & will always remember the help you provided. Thank you.

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Couples with mediator

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Divorce is never easy, but mediation offers an alternative to the often stressful and expensive route of litigation. As someone who has been guiding couples through the mediation process

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What Do We Do After an Impasse in Mediation

In the sensitive territory of divorce, reaching an impasse during mediation can feel like hitting a brick wall. It's a period fraught with frustration and disappointment for all parties involved.

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How to Make Divorce Easier for Children

Divorce is known for being a tumultuous period — not just for the couples involved, but for the divorcee's children as well. As a family mediator at Next Page Mediation, I've witnessed first-hand how the upheaval of a family structure can deeply affect children.

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Serving as a Trusted Neutral for Clients Near and Far

There are two ways to obtain a divorce. One is to file a lawsuit against your spouse and begin litigation. The second is to agree on the terms of a financial and parenting agreement and petition the court for an uncontested dissolution. Divorce Mediation provides a forum to accomplish the latter option. With Next Page Mediation, you can work together with your spouse and a trained mediator and lawyer to reach a fair agreement that respects the needs of both parties.

As an experienced divorce mediator who's worked with clients across the country, I will help guide you through the process, encouraging open communication and understanding while keeping the discussion focused on finding common ground. I understand that every family's situation is unique, which is why my services are tailored to meet your individual circumstances. Don't let the courts decide for you — take control of your own future with Next Page Mediation.