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A Divorce Mediation Process Tailored to Your Needs 

What issues will we address in mediation?  

Jim will guide you through all matters that need to be resolved in order for you to secure an uncontested dissolution. This includes what to do with assets and debts, the family home, retirement accounts, child support, spousal support, and a shared parenting plan. 


Jim typically handles the divorce mediation process via Zoom calls. It allows for flexibility in scheduling and for each party to be in their own home, or wherever they feel most comfortable. Jim is based in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Private and convenient sessions 

Mediation sessions are typically 1-3 hours. Timeframes will vary depending on your particular circumstances. Some couples complete the process in a session or two. Others require more sessions spread over a period of time. Jim will efficiently guide you through the process until it is completed. 

You can go at your own pace. 


Jim offers a free consultation for any interested parties. The hourly cost and a proposed estimate will be provided after discussing the particulars of your case. 

Jim will work as efficiently as possible to achieve your desired outcome at a reasonable cost. The cost of mediation will be a small fraction of the average cost of a traditional divorce – which is approximately $15,000 per person. Read more in: An Affordable Divorce Through Mediation.


Mediation is entirely voluntary – you can mediate for as long as you like, exit the process at any time, and achieve a full or partial agreement. Ultimately, you and your partner are in control of the negotiations and the agreement.

How to Prepare for Mediation

The first phase of mediation involves information gathering. Prior to your first mediation, Jim will provide you with Family Law Software to complete. There will also be customized worksheets to gather information about your children and your finances. It is always a good idea to consult with other professionals who can assist, including financial planners, accountants, therapists.  

Do we need lawyers?

The vast majority of participants do not retain a lawyer to mediate with Next Page Mediation. Jim will provide you with legal information – but not advice – during the mediation process so you can make an informed discussion. You are welcomed and encouraged to consult with a lawyer at any point prior to, during or after the mediation. For example, you can consult with a lawyer if you reach an impasse or if you want a lawyer to review your settlement agreement prior to approval.  


At the conclusion of the divorce mediation process, Jim will produce detailed documentation that will put you in position to file for dissolution with your local court. 

For Cleveland area clients, Jim can – with the proper client consent – represent one of you and prepare the necessary legal documents to file with your local court. He will show up with you at the dissolution hearing. That is, he can get you across the finish line with a dissolution decree in hand.   

For all other clients, including clients in Washington State, Jim will prepare a comprehensive settlement agreement and then refer you to a lawyer who can affordably file your uncontested dissolution paperwork.