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Flexibility, Speed and Convenience

By Jim Robenalt

Mediation can be your best option to achieve an efficient, straight-forward resolution on a schedule that’s right for you.

When I am hired as a mediator, I offer couples the option to move as fast or as slow as they want; to mediate any day of the week; all from the comfort of your home. 

Man on couch during online mediation session


As for speed: Do you want to fast-track the process and mediate over a short period of time? Or do you want time between sessions to catch your breath and consult with professional advisors? Either way works fine.

As for scheduling: Do you want to mediate early in the morning, during the day, or after work? Will it be necessary to carve out time on the weekend to mediate? I can accommodate your schedule.

As for convenience: You don’t have to travel or block out large swaths of time. Instead, we can mediate over zoom from the comfort of your home. Mediation sessions can be condensed to short 1-2 hour blocks so you’re able to cope emotionally and not having to block out entire portions of your day.


The flexibility and convenience that mediation provides is especially important during a pandemic and its aftermath. Divorce mediation is needed now more than ever because more people are getting divorced and the court systems are overwhelmed. According to a national law review article, divorces are up 34% as a result of the pandemic. Courts are backlogged with delays stretching into months, if not years, due to restrictions set in place for human health and safety. This delay can take an emotional toll on everyone.

Mediation also saves time and money because you’re not restricted by formal court schedules.  When you mediate, you can get right to the point: there’s no waiting to schedule a court hearing to present arguments before a judge. You show up to mediate when you and your spouse are ready to talk.

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