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A Tailored Divorce
Mediation Process

Sessions on your terms.

What we’ll cover

Jim will guide you through all matters that need to be resolved during the divorce mediation process in order for you to secure a divorce. This includes what to do with debts and assets, the family home, retirement accounts, child support, spousal support, and a parenting plan.


Mediation sessions are typically 2-3 hours. While you can have as many sessions as you like, the divorce mediation process typically requires 3-5 sessions.

You can go at your pace.


Mediation is entirely voluntary – you can mediate for as long as you like, exit the process at any time, and achieve a full or partial agreement. Ultimately, you and your partner are in control of the negotiations and the agreement.


Jim offers a free consultation for any interested parties. The hourly cost and a proposed estimate will be provided after discussing the particulars of your case.


Jim will handle the divorce mediation process via Zoom calls. It allows for flexibility in scheduling and for each party to be in their own home, or wherever they feel most comfortable. Jim is based in Cleveland, Ohio. 


At the conclusion of the divorce mediation process, Jim will produce detailed documentation that will put you in position to file for dissolution with your local court.

divorce mediation process held virtually on Zoom