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Top Considerations When Seeking “Mediation for Divorce Near Me”

Jim Robenalt Dec. 13, 2023

Going through a divorce might not be the most stressful thing that people ever have to do. But it’s certainly up there in terms of how much stress it can add to people’s lives.

If you’re preparing to go through a divorce, there are some steps you can take to limit the impact that it has on your life. One way you can do this is by Googling “mediation for divorce near me” or, better yet, “cheap divorce mediation near me” to track down a divorce mediator.

A divorce mediator will lead you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse through the divorce process and eliminate a lot of the stress that usually comes along with it. It should make the process so much more pleasant than it would be otherwise.

You will, however, want to search for the right mediator to set you up with divorce mediation services. Here are a handful of things to consider when seeking “divorce mediation near me.

Look For a Divorce Mediator With a Wealth of Experience

When you’re first interested in hiring a divorce mediator to help you and your significant other get divorced, you should cast a wide net. Google “mediation for divorce near me” and see how many options you’ll have.

Put together a long list of all the various divorce mediators that you can find. This will provide you with an opportunity to do your research on them to see which ones might be your best options.

You should visit the websites that different divorce mediators have set up and read up on them as much as you can. While you’re doing this, pay close attention to which divorce mediators have the most experience. They’ll be the ones that you’ll want to focus on using during the divorce process since they’ll know how to help you get divorced without stressing you out too much.

Locate a Divorce Mediator With Lots of Positive Reviews

After you’ve spent some time poking around on the websites for divorce mediators, you should take the time to read through as many online reviews as you can find for them. Ideally, you will want to work with a divorce mediator who has received their fair share of positive reviews from couples they’ve worked with in the past.

The best divorce mediators will go out of their way to post testimonials from past clients right on their sites. It’ll make it so easy for you to see what other people have had to say about different divorce mediators without putting in too much effort on your part.

Find a Divorce Mediator Who Can Work With You In-Person or Online

There are many couples who prefer the idea of meeting with local divorce mediators in-person versus “meeting” with them online. Getting divorced is obviously a big deal, so they want to make sure they’re able to cross all their Ts and dot all their Is during the divorce process in person.

But there are also some couples that have started to come around to the idea of meeting with divorce mediators online. These people won’t mind jumping on Zoom with the mediator they choose after Googling “divorce mediation services near me.”

Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, it’s usually smart to locate a divorce mediator who can schedule both in-person and online meetings. You’re going to be meeting with a mediator quite a bit, so it’ll be nice to have both of these options available to you.

You’ll also like that working with a divorce mediator that offers online services will increase the number of options that you have. You won’t have to Google “marriage mediation divorce near me” and resort to choosing an option that exists in your city. You can work with a mediator from anywhere in the country through a series of Zoom meetings.

Search For a Divorce Mediator With a Process You Like

Every divorce mediator out there is going to use a slightly different process when it comes to mediating a divorce for a couple. It’s why you’ll need to give some thought to which type of process would work best for you.

Do you want to work with a divorce mediator who is going to have a very structured process that won’t provide many opportunities for going off script? Or do you want to work with one that’s going to allow you and your spouse to jump around and cover different topics based on how you’re feeling on a particular day?

Whatever the case, you should try to get a sense of what a mediator’s divorce process will look like by either looking on their website or asking them directly. It’ll help you avoid being forced to use a process that doesn’t work well for you and your spouse.

See How Much a Divorce Mediator Will Charge You for Services

There is a reason why we suggested that you might want to Google “cheap divorce mediation near me” earlier. It’s because getting a divorce can be very expensive, so you’ll want to look for local divorce mediators who aren’t going to break the bank.

Getting divorced can cost tens of thousands of dollars in some instances. You can keep your divorce costs on the lower end of the spectrum by working with a divorce mediator who fits into your preferred price range.

The simple act of hiring a divorce mediator and steering clear of a divorce court should be enough to save you some money. But you can bring your costs down even further by hiring the right mediator to provide you with a “mediation divorce near me.”

Check to See If a Divorce Mediator Will Provide a Free Consultation

The very best divorce mediators know that it’s important for people to get to know them a little bit better before deciding if they want to work with them. As a result, they’ll often provide a free consultation so that they can speak with couples more about their services.

You should only work with a divorce mediator that’s going to give you the option to hold a free consultation. It’ll ensure that you feel comfortable moving forward with them.

Following this consultation, a divorce mediator will be able to provide you with a better idea of how much their services will cost. They can also tell you how long you can expect your divorce mediation to last.

Make Sure a Divorce Mediator Has a Personality You Like

You and your spouse will be spending a ton of time with a divorce mediator during your mediation. Many mediations sessions will last for somewhere between two and three hours. There will also be between three and five sessions in total before mediation is over.

With these things in mind, it’ll be imperative that you pick a divorce mediator who has a personality that you really like. Since you’ll be working with them early and often, you don’t want your personalities to clash.

This might end up being the first negotiation that you and your spouse will need to hold during the mediation process. You’ll both have to work together to find a mediator who has a personality that you each like.

Choose a Divorce Mediator Who Communicates Effectively

Throughout the divorce process, you’re going to need a divorce mediator to communicate with you and your spouse clearly. They’ll need to explain how the process will play out to you. They’ll also need to speak with you about all the important issues that they will be mediating.

But most importantly, a divorce mediator is going to have to put out plenty of fires when you and your spouse struggle to come to an agreement. They will need to be calm, patient, and able to get you both back on the same page when things go awry.

You should be able to put a divorce mediator’s communication skills to the test during your initial consultation with them. You should also be able to see how a mediator communicates when you’re speaking on the phone or exchanging emails with them.

Google “Mediation for Divorce Near Me” and Pick the Best Mediator

There shouldn’t be any shortage of options when you’re searching for divorce mediators. Google “mediation for divorce near me” and you’ll come across the names of more than a few of them.

Don’t just pick the first divorce mediator you can find, though. Research all the options available to you and consider the things listed here. It’ll help you take the stress out of finding a mediator and make the divorce process less stressful as a whole.

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