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How Long Before Divorce Mediation Is Final in Ohio?

Jim Robenalt Dec. 13, 2023

Did you know that the average Ohio divorce rate is around 7.7 per 1,000 women? Everyone knows that divorce is a complicated topic and it can also be quite stressful. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. 

Instead of battling out your divorce for months and months at a time (and sometimes even years), you can instead take another route: divorce mediation in Ohio. Divorce mediation is not something that is always necessary during divorce, but it can certainly make the entire process a lot smoother. 

But how? What can a divorce mediator do for you and what is the mediation process like? Keep reading and learn more about the divorce timeline and how long it might take you to make your divorce mediation final.

What You Need To Know About Divorce Mediation

Before we jump into the timeline of divorce mediation, it is first important to understand what mediation is. Usually, divorces can be quite stressful and can take quite a long time because the two spouses won’t agree on certain factors. This will drag out the entire divorce process for weeks or even months. 

This is because there needs to be some kind of agreement between the spouses before the divorce can become final. This, of course, is much easier said than done. Often, to come to an agreement, the spouses will need to attend all sorts of hearings, court meetings, and so on. 

All of this can waste a lot of your time and can also be very stressful. A good way to avoid these problems is to hire a divorce mediator. If you aren’t sure what a divorce mediator is, their job is quite simple. 

A mediator is designed to act as a neutral party between you and your spouse. This mediator is trained in a way that allows him or her to be completely unbiased to whatever arguments you might be having with your spouse. In a way, a mediator is somewhat like a judge in terms of this neutral and unbiased stance. 

The Details

This stance is important as it will ensure that the mediator does not favor one party over the other. This, of course, is essential for making sure that the mediator is always fair in his or her decisions and when helping you and your spouse come to a decision. A good mediator’s main job is to smooth out whatever arguments you might be having with your spouse.

That way, it will be possible to speed along the divorce process and make it far less stressful. There are two main ways in which you can get a divorce mediator. The first way is that you could hire one yourself to help you get through the process of the divorce. 

The second way is when a judge appoints a divorce mediator for you and your spouse. This usually happens when the judge sees that you and your spouse are incapable of coming to an agreement on your own. By throwing a divorce mediator into the mix, the entire process can become much simpler and easier for everyone involved. 

Understanding How Divorce Mediation Works

There are several stages you should know about when it comes to divorce mediation and these stages may affect how long it takes for mediation to become final. The first stage is relatively simple and it tends to start at the very beginning of the divorce process. However, keep in mind that you can hire a divorce mediator at any stage of your divorce. 

This includes before you file for divorce, during the divorce, and even after the divorce. The first stage of divorce mediation involves a sort of orientation. This will allow you and your spouse to become familiar with the mediator and how they will proceed through the process of divorce. 

In some cases, this orientation may occur during or before a mediation session. Whatever the case, once you and your spouse become familiar with the mediator and their methods, you can start getting into the real meat of the matter. The next step will involve the mediator going over whatever problems you and your spouse may be arguing about. 

When the mediator does this, they will attempt to put the argument in a new light. The mediator will also dissect your problems in such a way that it makes them easier to understand. By doing this, the mediator can better understand what you want from the divorce and what your spouse may want. 

What You Need to Know

This will also make it easier to see where both parties in the divorce stand. Once that’s done, it will be the mediator’s job to figure out how to come to a decision that will please both you and your spouse. This, of course, may take some time, but it is the job of the mediator to come to some kind of decision. 

Of course, if no decision is ever made, this will only prolong the entire divorce process as you and your spouse continue arguing over the same things without any kind of reconciliation. Fortunately, high-quality mediators are very skilled and well-trained in knowing how to come to an agreement between two parties that disagree. 

Most likely, your mediator will give you and your spouse several options to consider to come to an agreement. That way, there should be some sort of option that will satisfy both of you. This may take some trial and error before the mediator creates an agreement that both you and your spouse like. 

Whatever the case, once you come to an agreement, everything will be smooth sailing from there. Usually, the last step is to negotiate the agreement to a certain extent so that it is, in a sense, polished and ready to be finalized. Once that’s done, your divorce should be finally coming to an end and you should be able to finalize it soon after coming to an agreement. 

But how long will all of this divorce mediation take?

How Long to Finalize Divorce Mediation

There is no exact length of time in which this finalization will occur. This is because a variety of factors can determine how long the entire process is going to take. If you and your spouse already have agreed on most things and only have a few minor disagreements, a divorce mediator should be able to clear through those problems in no time. 

In this case, it might only take 30 days or even less to get through the process. However, many divorces are not so easy and most spouses who want a divorce have many factors on which they disagree. If you and your spouse have significant disagreements that are very difficult to reconcile, your mediator may need to take a much longer period of time to help you out. 

In that case, the divorce mediation process may take between 60 and even 90 days. The longer you and your spouse disagree, the longer the process will take. The process will not end unless there is some kind of agreement between you and your spouse. 

What to Know

Even if there is only a small agreement between the two of you, it can bring the process to an end so it can be finalized. The meditation process rarely lasts more than 90 days, although there are some serious divorce cases in which this may occur. 

When you and your spouse finally come to an agreement, it will be the mediator’s job to put all the important documents together to finalize this process. In particular, the mediator will make sure to get your agreement in writing. This is important as it will be shown as proof that you and your spouse indeed have come to some kind of agreement. 

A formal separation agreement may also be in order. This is especially true if your divorce mediator is both a mediator and a lawyer. If your mediator is not a lawyer, he or she may not file a formal separation agreement. 

It is a good idea to have a lawyer of some kind on your side to help you through the legal details. After going through all the paperwork and necessary hearings, your divorce should be over and done with. 

All About Divorce Mediation in Ohio

Divorce can be a long and stressful process, but divorce mediation in Ohio can certainly help the process progress. A divorce mediator will help you and your spouse come to an agreement so that the divorce process doesn’t have to last forever. 

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