Next Page Mediation

What clients are saying about working with Jim

“Jim Robenalt struck a perfect balance of leading discussions but giving us power during the mediation to make decisions among ourselves that worked for each of us. He kept things fair and encouraging, but let us have our say.”

“Jim did an excellent job and even the paralegal that walked us through the formal process at court commented that the MOU (memorandum of understanding) was the clearest one she had ever seen.”

“Jim was always professional and courteous, yet managed to convey sincere sympathy and friendliness at the same time so that we were very comfortable working with him.”

“I appreciated how heard I felt during the mediation. Jim Robenalt was caring and compassionate throughout.”

“I’m so grateful for my experience with Next Page Mediation with Jim Robenalt. I feel the care, compassion, encouragement, and flexibility to our individual experience was unmatched. I was lucky to have Next Page Mediation there for me during one of the most difficult periods of my life.”

“Jim was very methodical. He took us both step by step through every aspect of the process we were trying to figure out, ensuring that we both understood it all along the way, and empowering us to negotiate with that foundational understanding. When the discussion grew emotional, he was attentive, empathetic and invested in our well being. I never felt rushed; I felt like he was taking the time to fully understand the circumstances of my life, my spouse's life, and what bearing those details had on the alimony agreement we were trying to figure out.”

“It gave my spouse and I a forum to hammer out the details of an alimony agreement that we both could feel good about in the long run without having to resort to hire a lawyer. We were keen to manage our divorce as respectfully and affordably as possible, but it's a complicated process. Mediation allowed us both to feel like we understood the law about our obligations enough to come to an informed agreement that worked for us both, without sacrificing any good will.”

“I think it was actually helpful to do this over zoom, because it took some of the pressure off when having to look up financial details and make expenses calculations.”

“Grateful that Jim was able to get us through the process with a minimum of hassles!”

All quotes are kept anonymous to protect clients’ privacy.